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- The ideal device for condition monitoring of your system -

The Email-Server is a small device that, when powered up, sends an email with a configurable text to any email address. The requirements for this are an active WiFi connection (2.4 Ghz) and a professional email provider.

Depending on the expansion stage, the basic module can have up to eight inputs. Two of them can be specially configured, e.g. for quantity recording. When your configured quantity is reached, an email is automatically sent. The other example is the life sign monitoring. If a system, which continuously sends signals in a configurable time window, for some reason does not send any more life signs, an email is triggered.

It works like this:
The device is supplied with power and remains powered for about 20 seconds. During this time it will be connected to the WiFi and an email will be sent. That means e.g.: The machine has an error, a power supply is switched on and the Email-Server is supplied with power for about 20 seconds. It does not necessarily have to be a machine. It could also be a light barrier somewhere, the end of material for a robot or a simple light switch in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

This function is fully programmed, but can also be changed and adapted to customer requirements. This device has the advantage that if there is no malfunction, the device will not consume any electricity. The data also remains in the customer network or with the customer's email provider.

See the documentation for more information.


There are several ways to use this device. All configurable fields can be seen in the picture below.
  1. Possibility:
  2. You configure everything including the email's content (ContentEmail).
    The following steps will run automatically: When a selected state of the system is reached, a signal is generated by your system and the Email-Server will be supplied with power for at least 20 seconds. The Email-Server connects to your wifi, then to your email provider and sends the message you wrote. After the 20 seconds have elapsed, the Email-Server is disconnected from the power supply and waits for the next event.

  3. Possibility:
  4. You configure everything and the device is permanently supplied with power.
    When the device is switched on, you will receive an email with a subject and content written by you, such as "Device XY is switched on". The Email-Server has two inputs that can be used to send two different messages. Exemplary contents for the first input (ContentEmail1) or the second input (ContentEmail2) can be "Material end machine XY" or "Fault machine XY".
    You have full control over all events and data at all times.


Purchase of different expansion stages

The basic module is sold without housing. After the purchase of the Email-Server there are no further costs for you.
  1. Possibility (most inexpensive):
  2. You only purchase the basic module, the additionally required USB power supply and micro-USB cable is already available.
    A maximum of two inputs are available.

  3. Possibility:
  4. You buy the basic module including USB power supply and micro-USB cable.
    The module has two inputs with which you can send two different messages. If you need help with installation, connection or possible PLC changes (e.g. to wire a certain state of your machine to the Email-Server), we can also provide on-site support on request.

  5. Possibility:
  6. You purchase the basic module with up to eight different inputs.
    All described functions above are included and you will receive a module with a DIN rail holder including USB power supply, USB cable and an antenna that you can mount externally. The connection cable is 15 cm long. Longer cables are not recommended, please take this into account during installation.

You can order the e-mail server here.